Friday, February 19, 2010

my pieces

every now and then I find my self in a place of reflection.

i am in this place now ~

trying to pull my pieces together yet again.


i know where i want to go and what i want to be.

however i am not sure just what I need to do to get there ~

i am fully aware that the seeds of my tomorrows are being planted...

the time for true change is fast approaching ~

but now its time to:









In the Light of the Moon said...

yOU speak from the heart and though you may be in a passing of sorts,putting things together...your words have insprired and moved me.Blessings,Cat

In the Light of the Moon said...

You speak from the heart,and though you may be in a passing of sorts and busy putting things words have inspired and moved me.Words that every artist in whatever medium,feel.I hope you dont mind if I post your lovely words on my blog in my "blog highlights section".Warmest Regards,Cat

mairedodd said...

always interesting times, transitions... during these times we see our children in often agitated, off-center moods... everything has its time, and it will all come into being... as adults we can embrace it with anticipation...

natalea said...

beautiful. I'm on a journey now too...I can relate. this piece is beautiful..xo

knitsteel said...

Sometimes I think that is the nature of February