Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bloom (atc)

I arrived home yesterday to a great debate that My Daughter and her boyfriend were having...
In there hands were the new issue of Art Quilting Studio that had just arrived in the mail and the burning question was this: "is this my mother's art work or not?"

co-cover girl

over a year ago I was at a quilt show demoing how I sew and burn and handing out these little art cards one after another as I made them. A friend Cynthia Shaffer happened by and I offered her this ATC then a few months ago she sent me a email and ask me if I remembered the atc that I had given her, she wanted to know if it was OK if she used to for a article she was writing for art quilting stuido. I wrote her back and told her that I had no idea at all what I had given her and said:

"I can not even imagine that any thing I was making and handing out at a convention was worthy of publication!"
(any of you who have been to a quilt show fully knows all about the dear in the headlight stair we all have ... now I want you to multiply that felling and times it plus a thousand and you get how it is to be me)

I offered Cynthia new art, what ever she needed. She refused me and said what she had was just perfect. So I gave her my approval to use the piece. Then last month when I was at CHA I ran into Amanda Crabtree from stampington and she said "Ruth did you know that your going to be on the cover with Cynthia?" I kinda gave a little laugh and told her that I knew that she was doing something with a ATC of mine but had not a clue what it looked like!

Here you have it the little ATC card that somehow
had a dream to be more then even I intended it to be!
spring in bloom (atc)
A few things we must always keep in mind:
never let any one tell you no.
always believe that you can ~
and always do your best!

I had little faith in the art that I was creating in under 5 minutes and handing out for free and this little gem somehow made it onto a magazine cover with little help from me!
Thank you Cynthia for you kind soul in highlighting my ATC with your splendid backdrop!

Remember To Always Grown And Bloom Where You Are Planted !



Michelle Cummings said...

congratulations! it compliments her piece just right!

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Loved the post too.

Mary said...

What a great story - and what a beautiful piece!!!

Leslie Avila said...

congrats ruth! you're an amazing artist and a true inspiration! getting published is huge...definitely on my bucket list.
Leslie Avila (lover of your red cuff)
Posh Paper Sweets

Contessa Kris said...

What a gorgeous ATC and a wonderful combination of the two! Congrats on the cover you didn't even know was happening! lol

Holly Moore said...

My local store just got these magazines in. Your story is so inspiring, not only to dream big, but also to just keep doing what we're doing. Thanks. Beautiful ATC!

Beatnheart said...

Thank you for your much needed inspiration..Love your work..

Beth said...

Hi Ruth
I have just discovered your gorgeous book, having had my eyes opened to quilting as art by Joan Schulze's retrospective exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Have recommended your book as 'book of the week' on my blog, and am fascinated by this new world of stitching magic! Thank you for sharing your lovely creations and inspiring words

Lynn said...

What a rush that must have been for you. Congrats! But I imagine you are widely published as I have seen your name about a lot it seems.