Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my soul's delight.

CHA book signing

I had a delightful time at CHA signing my books and sharing my process along with some of the projects from "Layered , Tattered & Stitched".
A big thanks to everyone why spent time with me.

souls delight

I am a collector of words and have a great love for the frailty and strength in life.
My work is very detailed and I try to share this on my blog however textile art begs to be touched to fully tell its story. so its always a joy for me when people can touch and see my work up close and personal.

souls delight

When I create these little dresses I aspire to bring out the true nature of the cloth.
"My Soul's Delight" will be traveling around trade and quilt shows with Roc-lon who's muslin's
I use exclusively in my work.
I was schooled by
Darlene of Roc-lon a few days ago at CHA as she guided me through a sample book helping me choose fabrics that would wrinkle the best.

souls delight

I now have a new assortment of new fabrics that I can not wait to boil and dye and see what kind of affects they will achieve for me.

souls delight

I am such a lucky person that I am able to fully explore my soul's delight as I get to play and experiment as I develop new ideas and ways to express myself as a artist.
We all have gifts, we all have things we need to share with people around us we just need to learn how to listen to our soul.

souls delight

Sweet hymns and songs will I indite
To sing of Thee by day and night,
Of Thee who art my soul's delight

How doth my soul within me yearn
Beneath thy shadow to return,
Thy secret mysteries to learn.

Thy glory shall my discourse be,
In images I picture Thee,
Although myself I cannot see.

In mystic utterances alone,
By prophet and by seer made known,
Hast Thou Thy radiant glory shown.

My meditation day and night,
May it be pleasant in Thy sight,
for Thou art all my soul's delight.

selections from "Hymn of Glory"
as quoted in "Judaism" by Isidore Epstein



Patti G. said...

Ruth my star, I will happily be the first to tell you that you GLOW in this picture, and that your talents and stitches shine as well! YOU are a star, but I ALWAYS knew this! I LOVE your layering and your meaningful bits and bobbles that come together into a textural wonder!
P.S. Your blog header is so cool too! LOVE IT, your free motion makes me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huggies, Patti

Poetic Artist said...

Your art is so beautiful. All the small details and texture.

Heather said...

My soul is dancing too, and my spirit! I got your book for my birthday and I am blissed out with all the ideas xx

martha brown said...

I keep seeing your smiling face pop up on other people's blogs! I hope that you had lots of fun!

Blue Green Arts said...

I purchased your book about a month ago, and I absolutely love it! It is so beautiful and inspiring. I look at it every time I feel "stuck" and need some inspiration.

Jewelry said...

I love your art ! they make me giggle...