Sunday, January 10, 2010


Would like to lean how to make this bracelet? well you can...
I will be teaching etched and riveted along with Fused Jewelry and Hand Forged Talisman at Adorn Me an all jewelry retreat in Houston, Texas March 2-7 Th
I hope you can join me.

You know it's love when forever is not long enough~

Love cuff with keeping bag
("love" has sold but one much like it is for sale here)

If you love someone,
do not put their name in a heart because hearts can be broken,
instead put their name in a circle,
because circles go on forever~



Molly Alexander said...

Ruth - this bracelet is so beautiful, and the sentiment is even more so. I love this piece!

:-) Molly

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Ruth, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I just purchased your book Layered, Tattered and Stiched and I love it. It is an absolutely gorgeous and inspiring book.

martha brown said...

I wish that I could come and take your class -- They frown upon me calling in sick though..... Oh how I wish Adorn me was in the summer!

Miss Sandy said...


I had to drop by your blog and thank you for writing such a wonderful book, layered, tattered & stitched! I was in our local fabric store this morning, browsed through it, and snapped it up. I would describe this book as heart stopping jaw dropping artistry!!! I love all the techniques you share and the projects are to die for.

I would love to feature this book on my blog and link back here with your permission. I see you have another publication and next trip to the book store I will check it out too.

I look forward to browsing through your blog. Again, thanks for the great inspiration!

icandy... said...


Pilar said...

Your class list looks fab and so does your new blog format. Hope you and yours are well!xoxoxoxo

Ruth Rae said...

Miss Sandy I can not find a link to your email or blog but if you could please email at I would like to talk to you about processable hosting a book giveaway at your blog (if you would like)