Saturday, December 12, 2009

on the 12th day

Each year I take part in a Holiday ornament exchange hosted by Deryn Mentock
we each create 12 ornaments and then send them off to each outer.
we start opening our gifts one by one on the first day of December.

Choosing what to make is always a mind game as all the girls in this
group are oh so very cleaver and each year this swap is always such a treat.

I chose to create a reminder that we must always
treasure heart and home.

its takes some time to complete a dozen...
cutting, stamping, dyeing,
tearing and burning was involved to make all the components.


stitching the word "home"on to layers paper and cloth.


then assembling all the components so I can sew all the pieces together.


after they were all sewn together I wrapped them in a piece of old book text then stiched
them up with wax paper then layered on joss paper a strip of a red shop towel along with
a key and a stamped piece of fabric with a hand and the word five
to represent the day that my gift was to be open.


would you like to know who is in our group?
here is the list of the artists:

Day 1 - Danita

Day 2 - Pilar Pollack

Day 3 - Jackie Allison

Day 4 - Melissa George

Day 5 - me

Day 6 - Maija Lepore

Day 7 - Crystal Neubauer

Day 8 - Sally Turlington

Day 9 - Joanna Pierotti

Day 10 - Kelly Snelling

Day 11 - Deryn Mentock

Day 12 - Lou McCulloch

Day 13 - Lorraine George

I was away last week so I missed the day by day excitement of opening them up one by one.
never the less me and my daughter Sarah sat down and opened up
all of these stunning ornaments today and they now grace our tree.

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Thank ever one for all your Magic!
Happy Holidays!



Poetic Artist said...

What fun and so pretty..

Ludid said...

what a fun exchange; more fun to open and see these handmade ornaments.

Deryn Mentock said...

Great to see your process in making these incredible ornaments, Ruth. Welcome back!

Maija said...

I just love the ornie you made Ruthie!! Thank you so much!!!!

Riki Schumacher said...

They are just beautiful, all of them. I LOVE yours Ruth, the texture, fabrics, combination. So clever!

Renee Troy said...

Love, love, love I do all your creations. Got your book this week. Can't wait for the time to indulge and ponder.

knitsteel said...

An absolutely delightful swap