Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do Not Hide

do not  hide

It has been a very busy summer of travel and work it seams that I have only been home a few days at a time before its time for me to hit the road once more.

do not  hide

my studio time over the last few months has added up to about 3 days. Case at hand this little dress:

do not  hide
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She has been on a total of 4 different airplanes with me in hopes that I would complete the hand work that she needed. this at long last happened in Arizona when I was at art unraveled. I would like to thank Linda for hosting a fantastic advent along with her most kindhearted attendees!

do not  hide

The tug to spend some real time in my studio is strong however it will have to wait a few more weeks as I am at the beach with my family, flying kites basking in the sun.

do not  hide

attending bond fires at night roasting marshmallows. along with taking long walks on the beach picking up sea shells. and watching sun sets.

do not  hide

I have found it good for my creative soul to be away from my studio as new ideas have began to dance with in my head... I look forward to nesting at home and working some of them out within the months to come.

I believe that this little dress truly says it all:

do not  hide

"to hide the key to your heart is to risk forgetting where you placed it."

we all get so caught up with life and work that oftentimes we lose track of the "little things" that make up the fabric of our life however we must try to never forget what our true passions are as we live this beauteous life.

do not  hide



Crafty Dawn said...

It's got some lovely detail in this (I do wonder though you don't meen someone to wear it do you?)with it being so decrotive thin linine

Love it though Love Dawn xx

deb said...

this is amazing, I absolutely adore it, how fabulous!!!

Ludid said...

it's art; it's beautiful

Patti G. said...

Ruth, your stitching is perfectly darling and I love the little dress and the message it sends too!!!!!!!!!
WONDErFUL as always!

Cathy said...

I love this little dress - I mean this little piece of art - I mean this artful dress - LOVE IT