Friday, April 17, 2009

Desk view 8:26 pm


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Deborah Guthrie said...

Wonderful to read and yes yes it is indeed a wonderful life that we live moment by moment and ask for and expect the best for ourselves and that best comes in many different ways and disguises. Timely for me to read as my parents are going through changes brought on by health issues. At 86 they are sound of mind but their bodies are wearing out. My Mother meets her challenges with courage and determination. My Dad waits for his problems to be solved by his doctor or a new medicine. Hence my Mom lives her days well except for the stress of my Dad's situation robbing her a bit but my Dad is mostly unhappy and dwelling on his discomfort and wishing for something that may never be. I feel very sorry to see him suffer in a nunber of ways and look only for sympathy rather than determination to make yet another day count. I find it gives me determination to make my days as wonderful as I possibly can and rise above what trys to steal from the bliss of life. Deborah