Monday, March 02, 2009

bitter irony

His Place Shall Be With You. (found poetry)

(click the photo to view full size to read)

obedient to

his place shall be what you
the woman spoke
a touch of insanity
of such a
desire to keep him
i do not wish
on myself
all that
bitter irony
sufficiently brightened
to be reviled
at his own pleasure
to awake
in the eternal fire
never quenched
who live
I must soon
I must
I must
I must



So blessed! said...

Such a cool canvas!

Carmen said...

This is gorgeous!

knitsteel said...

What is found poetry? Do you just make it up from words you pull from random tex?

knitsteel said...
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Coleen said...

this is very interesting...when I first heard about altered art...mid 1990' was in this sure has exploded in many other ways....but, you are bringing the roots back....with an updated "look" ofcourse!!! this is way awesome Ruth!!!

Cindy Dean said...

I love this piece...

Ruth Rae said...

Thanks, I really had fun with this piece as I don't play with paper and paint as much as I used to.

The Found Poetry technique involves skimming the text on a page you are altering, and isolating certain words to form a new message.

I have one that is almost done that I stitched all over the page. I will share it when it done.

connie said...

ruth you have really out done yourself. the text, tabs, paper and paint. love this piece! you are inspiring me to dabble in found poetry for my next swap! thank you.

Seth said...

These just keep getting better and better and better. Gorgeous palette!