Thursday, January 15, 2009

Words bring life and light to the world.

(a small peek at part of a project in the book)

Its official! Layered, Tattered and Stitched: A Fabric Art Workshop. is now in the hands of my editor! I still have a few details that need to be work out like patterns and clip art and there are still two editing stages but these are all small things compared to the writing of the actual book!

Now I am off for some fun today with my friends! its time to celebrate!

Sing joyfully.
Eternal truth.



Vicki W said...

Congratulations! You deserve a big celebration and several days off to relax.

Arlene said...

This book looks a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!

Gunnels blog said...

Congratulations !!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Congratulations-this piece is beyond fantastic!
chris p

Patti G. said...

Ruth, you are fantastic and art is amazing as always!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to your sweet Sarah too!
Happy New Year doll!

Maija said...

Yippee, Ruth! Enjoy your celebration- it's well deserved!

Laurie Mika said...

Hi Ruth,
Wasn't quite sure how to get in touch with you! Roxi suggested that maybe we could room together at M3?? I see you are in So. Cal too! Your work is wonderful...just spent a lot of time reading your blog, etc. Congrats on the book too! (esp. getting it all done!) Kind regards, Laurie Mika
PS My email is

Tammy said...

Congratulations! You deserve a celebration!

Coleen said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't wait to get my hands on this book!!! Yahoooo!!!
Doin the happy dance for you Ruth!!!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

I am holding my breath! I can not wait!

Kristen Robinson said...

The world is going to be so surpirsed and consumed by the amazing projects you have created to share...I cannot wait!


Mija said...

Yay for You Ruth! whistle whistle jump twirl

What an amazing accomplishment! I am so excited for you and look forward to its completion!

Many blessings and artful adventures in the new year!


Shelly said...

I can't wait !! Hard to believe the time is near.
Happy Birthday to your dear, lovely daughter, too.