Saturday, November 22, 2008

Inner stillness

A Taoist Meditation

Seek no contacts and you will find many

Be still and you will move forward on the tide of spirit

Be gentle and you will need no strength

Be patient and you will achieve all things

Be humble and you will remain entire

Close your eyes and you will see clearly

Cease to listen and you will hear truth

Be silent and your heart will sing

I have been lost in a little creative cocoon lately...
Once I start creating I find that there is this inner stillness with in me.
time disappears and I forget about the world around me...
its the time when all that matters is what is forthcoming.

I am working on a new body of work...
I have gone back to working with shades of white and cream.
I have embraced my stark color palette one again...
it somehow feels new and fresh to me once more.
I have become seduced by the translucency of fabric combined with light.

But leave it to Kristen to pull me away from my creative cave for some fun as we went to visit Jenny over at Stampingtion

and look at what I found on Jenny's desk!

(Sarah Rae AKA excited teenage daughter!)

its the newest sew somerset with my work on the cover!
also inside you will find a article that I have written about my creative process.

please take note, its now official Ruth Rae is a "sheer genius"!

and here is the Prof

A few peeks at what I have been creating in my studio...

these are works in progress: this one is still in the design stage

and here are a few detail shots of more projects that I am working on. I have been pleating and free motion stitching on the fabric.
"Trust thy be"

once these are completed they will be going off to Jenny and will be showing up in
Art Quilting Studio
so you will have to wait a little to see them in there entity.

but I can share with you "crossroads to the heart"

Here it is in all its splendor its another new process that has been rambling in my head.
I have been trying to work it out over the last few mouths I was toying with mixing fabric and paper but I could never get it to hold the shape that I wanted, then today I worked it entirely in fabric and it all came together.

I am happy with all the layers and the textures in this peace.

I just put "crossroads to the heart" for sale here so go on over and take a look!
(I will be adding a few more fabric pieces in a few days and one of them is in shades of white!)



Patti G. said...

Well, good morning Sheer Genius!
Hehehe, you are sooooooo funny! I guess you are just now learning what we all knew before. <3
Your new pieces with the stitching and light coming through the layers is glorious Ruth! There is such dpeth and heart in your work! Sending a hug your way,

martha brown said...

a gift that I made for you is in Sew Somerset -- can you find it??? :) I don't have my copy yet, so I haven't seen it, or what it says about it. Anyway, it shouLd be there... SURPRISE!
can't wait to see you, my genius friend!!

Leslie said...

This is Sew wonderful! I've just spent the last hour looking through your wonderful blog. Ordered your DVD. Now, I'm back for another look. I got back as far as April 2007 the last time. You are so inspiring, Ruth! Sheer genius indeed!

knitsteel said...

Now I will have to go look for that magazine at my favorite quilt shop in Iowa.

There is something quite powerful about working with a limited palette- like the whites in the first or the grays in the 2nd. It keeps me looking for the layers, the subtle shifts in color, the textures.

Jenny Doh said...

Love your new nickname: Sheer Genius.

Kristen Robinson said...

You know I love the new pieces as I swooned when I held them within my hands!

It is always fun when we sneak out of the studio to visit our good friend!

Gilding the Lily said...

Ruth: You never fail to astound me. I hope that you will find time to share your sheer genius with us soon. Thankfully, Nancy

Judy said...

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out - amazing woman you!
Love the pic of Sara and Jenny and kristen.
Happy thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones.

Catherine said...

oh lucky you on seeing Sew Somerset....I can't wait - I've got a few things in it this time too!! Congrats on being a cover girl!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen Cole said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me, Ruth.

LOVE, LOVE LOVE this new work.

Maija said...

OK, you must know I am not surprised at your success- I always knew you rocked!

seth said...

What a great post. It started out with that inspiring meditation. Included pictures of your amazing work. And had the news of your cover accomplishment. Congratulations all around!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Congrats on the publication!
Also, amazing work continues....but your most amazing work, is your beautiful daughter!

Jen Crossley said...

Congratulations on the article. Love your work it is so beautiful I love the look on your daughters face just priceless

Deryn Mentock said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring! Congratulations Ruth!!