Friday, November 07, 2008


What guides you?

(back side of dress)

What makes your heart sing?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

I spent a little time last night in my studio... the truth is that I have a lot of creative ideas right now running around in my head but no room or time to carry them out... I have been occupied with The business part of the art.

But last night I just hand to play. I made this little dress, it is quite small (5 inches by 3)
I used some of my hand dyed fabric in a soft Grey and stitched the words "heartstrings" and "guild you" and created the hanger form steal wire.

Today I picked up some wonderful storage units from a friend that I hope to use in conjunction with my studio clean up that will be taking place this weekend....
This task has been looming and is necessary to my creative process as I have been unhappy in my work space for some time now.

now to answer my questions:

What guides you?
~My Heart

What makes your heart sing?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
~YES! (but it has a tiny suit of chainmail armor to protect it!)

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.”
~Joan of Arc



Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Oh, I do wear my heart on my sleeve. I just adore that. You have such heart and love in your art. You must be a really loving person.
Oh, and I recently purchased your DVD, just haven't had time to watch it yet!

Distressing Delilah said...

I do too! No hiding anything for me...though I do try sometimes! Beautiful blog!

Jenny Doh said...

Great question. Great result. Thank you Ruth. I love it.

michelle sylvia said...

Great Post! Oh, I most certainly wear my heart on my sleeve. :0) It guides me through life, good or bad. It is broken sometimes, but that is what molds me and makes me a better person. My heart sings when I am sculpting a doll and bringing her to life.

LOVE your work and your blog. I added you to my favorite inspiring blogs so that I can come back and visit often for some inspiration!


MoMo said...

I love your whole out look when it comes to your art & designs.