Monday, September 15, 2008

Journey To Italy

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. ~Buddha

( Photo of Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.
Some progressions are achieved so naturally that we are almost unaware they have taken place. Others are complex and demanding, wasting our energy making it difficult for us to comprehend the lessons that we need to gain knowledge to proceed.

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

This last year has been turbulent for me. Family Issues caused set backs that lead to me frantically working on my fabric art book till the last minute. Life had taken a strong hold over me along with my instinctive ability to procrastinate. I found myself burning the candles on booth ends. I was so displease with myself as I knew precisely that I was self-sabotaging out of fear.

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

Much regarding my creative process has become clear to me over the last few months, along with a assortment of personal breakthrough’s into my inner creative process. It has became apparent to me that I was no longer living my motto:
“let the beauty we do, be what we love”

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

The artwork for my book is behind me. The manuscript is in my hands and its time to support the artwork with my words…
I have establish the voice I want to write my fiber art book in and look onward to sharing it with you, next year when it is published.

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

Life is all about the journey and the living of it. Once a passageway is behind me I am forever on the crusade to dream up my next expedition. I often times appear fearless regardless of my inner trepidations. (Stubbornness has always been my best friend and fears my driving force; I am an Aries, what more can I say?)

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

Hard lessons where learned this year, however I am pleased to report that I have arrived at the other side of the passage and my spirit is now enlightened and wide open to new possibility's!
I look forward to taking my art to the next level and teaching at national venues over the following year. There is however one thing that has captivated me the most.

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

A few months ago I set into motion in conjunction with Bill and Kristi Steiner a journey That I would like to invite YOU to take with ME to Orvieto Italy: October 4-10, 2009.

Invest in feeding your creative soul and pamper your self to a voyage that will eternally alter your existence.

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

Delight in the companionship of like-minded artistic individuals.
As we stay in a picturesque Convent B&B surrounded by inviting gardens and a charming courtyard. Discover a different way of life and thinking, Orvieto is a captivating medieval city full of character and absorbing history.

( Photo Orvieto, Italy Courtesy of Al Morrison)

Together we will learn and discover so much about our self’s as we journey to Italy for art immersion. Here are the details:

Souls in Flight

Dates: October 4 - 10, 2009
Instructor/Leader: Ruth Rae

Trip Description
In this class, your door to jewelry creativity will open as you learn the foundations of metal smithing: sawing, riveting and forging. These techniques will be covered as we create a hand forged chain link, twisted jump rings, a multi faceted curio centerpiece. As your skills in sawing, riveting and forging will be cultivated; trinkets collected on our trip can also be added to this completed project.

We will then venture into creating a mixed media hand sewn “journal”, which becomes not only a reflection of your travels but a safe haven for your piece. Combinations of papers and fibers will be altered and then combined with the use of hand stitching along with embroidery techniques.

Oct 4 - Arrive Orvieto, group dinner
Oct 5 - The doors of creativity open as we begin our exploration into the process of creating. While discussing our journey we will arrive at our themes. We will begin sawing, forging, riveting and exploring the many attributes of resin.
Intro to Italian culture and wine tasting
Oct 6 - Continue work on the focal point of your creation while covering the basics of link forging. Our journey together continues as we forge, saw and create.
Cooking class and dinner with wine.
Oct 7 - Discuss our reflection journals and the way in which we will approach its creation. Foundations of our journals will come to fruition.
Shopping for & picnic lunch. Afternoon free, Etruscan cave tour
Oct 8 - Market Day explorations, complete our reflection journals taking inspiration from the Etruscan caves, open studio time to continue working on our pieces and journals.
Vineyard tour and wine tasting
Oct 9 - Open studio, continue work on our pieces and journals.
Group lunch - pizza! Followed by, open studio. We will have a bit of show and share time for those who might be leaving us early.
Oct 10 - Wrap up – Reflections of our journey together.
Depart Orvieto

Cost - $2375. Fee includes six nights double occupancy lodging and basic course materials. Single occupancy available for an additional cost. Because the tour is meant to expose you to the local culture, meals are not prearranged or included. Travel costs are not included.

I hope you will join me for an art adventure in Italy:
October 4-10, 2009.
(click on this link to sign up as space is limited to the first 12)

To view more of
Al Morrison's amazing photography head on over to his site.
(Thank you Al for your amazing eye!)



knitsteel said...

Oh that sounds fantastic. I just want to go to Italy and be creative!

Kristen Robinson said...

Ruth my friend I do believe you have taken from this last year exactly what you were meant to. The grouwth of your creative soul is quite obvious to those who know and love you!!!!! Italy will be amazing.

Healing Expressions said...

Hi Ruth...What a beautiful post and an amazing creative adventure you are on! I pray your work, your heart and your soul will be nourished and inspired in the days ahead! I have a little surprise for you if you'd like to head over to my blog!
Take Good Care

daydreamstudios said...

It sounds lovely. The pictures evoke a wonderful color palette for me. So yummy. How exciting to be teaching a class there. Best wishes.

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful work. I just love them and all the colors. I so wish I could be a painter. The pictures are so inspiring.