Thursday, August 21, 2008

hotel crafting

the truth is

that over the last two nights hotel crafting into the midnight hours has been necessary

Last night the sewing machine had to come back to the hotel with me,
because of the multi layered way that I work

and the time that it takes to get to a point to where a details photo can be taken ...

and the fact that there is only 8 hours in a work day and sometimes over time is necessary.
but I am happy to report that I am all ready for my last day at the F&W studio! with just three projects left to complete!

Now if you miss seeing new work from me, but enjoyed the photos that I have shared on this post they why not order my new DVD.

The Journey is the Destination: Techniques for Mixed Media & Fabric Art

With Ruth Rae

Discover how you can add new dimensions to your artwork! Learn the secrets of Transparency Manipulation along with fabric altering along with creative machine sewing. In this workshop we will explore: working with resin, burning, stitching, dyeing and stamping. Once we covered the various techniques we will incorporate them together to create “beneath the surface” a project that will combine all your new skills.

You can order your copy here



Anne, Bulles dorées said...

Stunning artwork...

Kristen Robinson said...

Darling friend I only wish I could have been there hotel crafting with you....I am telling you there is a story in there!!!! Missing you cannot wait until your home.

grrl+dog said...

After buying and savoring every moment of Soulful doors, I am compelled to have the next one. What amazed me most was how you can teach such an intricacy done piece so easily, and how easy ti was indeed. The reason I bought your dvd, was because the soulful door looked impossible to make. Usually I ca see something and work out how it was done.. but the soulful doors eluded me. I HAD to buy the dvd, after missing out in your class at Artfest.

Renee Troy said...

Your work is amazing and I love this piece. It really makes me want to get out my sewing machine again.
Renee Troy

daydreamstudios said...

I'm amazed at what you can turn out under such pressure! Wonderful as usual.

seth said...

These are beautiful. Such wonderful layering and texture.

Violet said...

Hi Ruth, I just purchsed the Fabric/Mixed Media DVD. You are such an inspiration! And this isn't even what I do. (yet!)