Monday, January 14, 2008

::: "So Will I, Grow" :::

The task Thy wisdom hath assigned
Oh let me cheerfully fulfil ;
In all my works Thy presence find,
And prove Thy good and perfect will.

::: "perfect will" :::

Any time I start to clean my studio I always end up becoming intrigued with the scraps that I am about to toss out, today was not exception.
I made a little pile of bits and pieces that were on my desk, sewed up all the layers then used various surface torching techniques on the fabric and papers.
I was really happy with how all the textures and layers turned out.
once I was done I noticed a lovely stream of light coming from the window and I could not help but take pitchers from every angle.

::: "So Will I, Grow" :::
After looking at this piece Elaine Kerr ask if I had been hiding away and nurturing my dark side. and I said:
"does it look dark?"
"I was thinking that it looks like early spring... you know right once the snow has cleared?"
and then Elaine said:
"Come to think of it, yes, just before the crocuses pop up."


Beneath the sunny autumn sky,
With gold leaves dropping round,
We sought, my little friend and I,
The consecrated ground,
Where, calm beneath the holy cross,
O'ershadowed by sweet skies,
Sleeps tranquilly that youthful form,
Those blue unclouded eyes.
Around the soft, green swelling mound
We scooped the earth away,
And buried deep the crocus-bulbs
Against a coming day.
"These roots are dry, and brown, and sere;
Why plant them here?" he said,
"To leave them, all the winter long,
So desolate and dead."
"Dear child, within each sere dead form
There sleeps a living flower,
And angel-like it shall arise
In spring's returning hour."
Ah, deeper down cold, dark, and chill
We buried our heart's flower,
But angel-like shall he arise
In spring's immortal hour.
In blue and yellow from its grave
Springs up the crocus fair,
And God shall raise those bright blue eyes,
Those sunny waves of hair.
Not for a fading summer's morn,
Not for a fleeting hour,
But for an endless age of bliss,
Shall rise our heart's dear flower
Harriet Beecher Stowe



Elaine Kerr said...

I read the first paragraph and thought, "Oh, just like me!" Then saw my name & gulped. It's an honour to be mentioned in your blog, Ruth.

What a lovely poem (another gulp) and it suits the fabric art perfectly. You have me teary-eyed.

Waltraud said...

Wonderful pieces!

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

C'est magnifique, comme d'habitude !! j'adore !!! Je les trouve également sombres, cela change des couleurs habituelles mais c'est très beau.

Patti G. said...

Ruth, this is awesome, I love the look with the burning nad the LAYERING from scraps nonetheless! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just great! I don't think it looks dark, I love your take on it! Just before Spring! <3 AND CONGRATS on your next project, the book that you will start working on in Feb! That is awesome my friend! Hugs,Patti

Cindy In Carolina said...

I truly love your work. It makes my day when you have updated your site with your pretties. Thanks for sharing and starting my day off so great!

Sharon said...

I am such a fan of your lovely fabric art and today of the poem you have matched to to. Pure inspriation.

raspberry said...

Great effect with the layering and burning, much more than I have dare to do!!

Ruth Rae said...

if we just open our self's up we can find inspiration all around us... When Elaine mentioned the crocus its made me seek out a poem about the flower and as luck will have it Harriet Stowe's poem was the perfect addition to "So Will I, Grow"

thank you Sharon for the grand complement that I inspire you.

its hart warming to know that what comes from my head out through my hands can also delight :)

knitsteel said...

Rich and Earthy.
sort of like you said, the detritus from Autumn composting for the rich growth of Spring.

I saw these photos on flickr and was waiting to see them in context here.

daydreamstudios said...

The poem gave me goosebumps!
Your burning techniques are fabulous. I just want to reach in the picture and touch all that texture!

martha brown said...

I love the depth in these Ruth! and the colours! Where did all of this colour come from?

Karen Cole said...

What a great day to stop in for a visit!!!...and thank you for your comments, I absolutely appreciate them, especially coming from you.

I too, am really working hard to "recreate" my studio. You are so right about finding bits of things that have been forgotten.

My only hope is that I can put something together with these bits only half as incredible as you have done!!!! I want to learn those scorching techniques!!!!! Yowza. What a beautiful piece. I don't see darkness, though I find beauty in that as well. The contrast between the burnt areas and the color is astounding.

~Izabella said...

wow~ words for this piece escape me~

deep & intensely beautiful~

xo ~Izabella

Elizabeth said...

This piece is really amazing and the Poem fits it soooo perfectly!! Congrats on fiming for Quilting Arts Tv- you REALLY ARE A STAR for so many of us you know, even without the tv and mag articles- but it is so awesome to see you burst into flower and get the credit that you so truely deserve!!!! BRAVO!!!
BTW, I have just tagged you for the You MAke My Day Blogger award- cuz you make my day everytime that I visit!!

Ro Bruhn said...

As usual Ruth, more fabulous work from you. I love all the layers and texture, it would take a long time to study it and take it all in.

red tin heart said...

i loved it so much it made my heart skip a beat..
xoxo nita

ginny said...

I really enjoyed this post and your art.
I am a new reader, but I will be a regular for sure.

Cris said...

OMGosh...this is so freakin amazing. I am totally blown away right now I can't even think. This is sooooooo beautiful.

Judy said...

Stunning - bravo!
Love all the layers, words, meanings -so deep and meaningful!

Judy Rys said...

I love all the layering and textures in your work. Congratulations on the QA filming and the new book! Very cool to have your creativity acknowledged in such a big way. Have you pinched yourself to make sure you're not dreaming?

Mélanie said...

What a wonderful work , I love it. Thank you for the link.
i will be back soon to check

sue simpson said...

Your work is just amazing. I love every piece you make. I am really looking forward to your book about procrastination....that's right up my alley.