Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thy Truth Shall Be Given

Denial is a evil thing..

I am a apple girl to the bone! but I do know that PC's are out there so when I was updating my site I took a look at it on my son's PC lap top (with only one squinting eye mind you) just to see how it all looked...
I wanted to cry there were not 3 amazing columns... I had worked so hard on the new format and I was so happy with the way my blog looked. I did not want to believe my eyes... so I barred my head and decided that it was only my son's PC that everyone else could see three rows just like me...

but as sure as I like to view the world thorough rose colored glasses, I had to admit that something was not right with my blog so this morning I asked a PC friend how my blogged looked and she told me what I did not want to hear that it was just one long running line.
so I did a little fix and now all is well in blog land :)

I made this little pocket affirmation pillow today.
I was channeling my inner Tibetan, I think when I made it.
this moving verse is from a hymnal book, if you can not make it out through the organza it reads:

Sure as Thy truth shall last,
To Zion shall be given
The brightest glories earth can yield,
And brighter bliss of heaven.



Patti G. said...

Ruth my dear, these affirmation pillows are ssssssstunning! LOVE them! Yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad your blog world is better too!

kelly snelling said...

Gasp! look at all those colors you used! it looks like a hot summer day full of blooming flowers, crystal waters, and glorious sunshine. love it! love it...even in the two columned PC version!!

happy thanksgiving day, friend! i will surely be saying my thanks for you this year! xoxo - k

Judy Scott said...

Your artwork is breathtaking and your blog looks perfect have a wonderful holiday, Jx

Carol said...

Oh goodness this is a lovely piece as ever from you. Hope you have seen your influence on my blog???

martha brown said...

These affirmation pillows are beautiful. I love that shrinish shape. Just looking at them makes me feel peaceful! Thank you Ruth!
(I have been working on some too -- but won't finish them in time to send out :(


Beutiful Ruth, love the little beaded heart and the red/teal together!!! Yummy :))

barbara burkard said...

sweet ruth!!! your pillows are beyond words...such beauty is such a small space!

alex said...

These are truly beautiful. I LOVE the color, and texture...just everything. Wow.

Ro Bruhn said...

I'm a Mac girl too and am amazed at what pc users miss out on.
LOVE the pocket and the pillow, your talent shines through

Kristen Robinson said...

Oh Ruth I am truly taken aback by the beauty of the pillows AMAZING!