Thursday, November 29, 2007

Famico's Legacy

“Beginning is easy - continuing hard”
~Japanese proverb

" Uematsu"
(I made this piece in 2005 for my mother it holds a family photo from 1912 of her grandmothers family, the ruler, buttons and snaps came from my grandmothers sewing box)

my sister brought over a box of photos last week for me.
Last night I sorted through these family photos that I have never seen before...
but what was stunning was the journey that these photos have made...

My Great Grandmother Famico ( we called her o-baa-chan) came to the united states from Tattori, Japan when she was just 15 to wed in 1912 these photos were never shared with us and only discovered after her death (she lived to be 98, so she was in my life well into my 30's and my children were blessed to have 5 generations around them)

In 1942 Famico and Aisso packed up there family (3 boys and 1 girl) only taking what they could carry and were were imprisoned during World War II at Manzanar
In 1945 they were released, but the price my grandmother paid was that she lost her husband
(he died in camp from the results of a appendicitis),
Her home all there money and the family business that she and her husband had created. once released her family in Japan begged her to return but she choose not to stay in California to raise her family... She Kept so much of her self hidden from all of us, looking back is never a choice in a Japanese household, we must only move forward: a good way to lives one's life for the most part but it would have been nice if she has shared a little more of her personal legacy with us.
(these photos were taken before Famico left japan in 1912)

so with these photos in hand I will try to piece together a story of her life and her journey and her legacy will not be forgotten.

When the time comes, even a rat becomes a tiger.
~Japanese proverb


Gunnels blog said...

Congratulantions! It´s a gift to have these wonderful photos! I am sure you will do something wonderful with it!

kelly snelling said...

i love that piece you made for your mom. it is such a treasure to have these photos. to live to be 98 is magnificent. xo-k

HappyDayArt! said...

Those pictures are so cool!!!! Treasure!


Retro Rose said...

Ruth, what a fasinating story. the pictures are so very special. I am so glad to have come to your blog this morning
Have a great day

Maija said...

The piece is gorgeous!
How wonderful for you to have the opportunity to trace your history. I will look forward to following it online!

Kristen Robinson said...

I cannot wait to see the creations that spring from this amazing gift of history. WOW wow wow! I love the piece you created for your Mother incredibly beautiful and full of depth.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing you have in these photos. We will all look forward to your art with these jewels. Love that metal piece you did for your mom. And have I told you how much I love your banner on this blog? It's a terrific piece of art all by itself.

ZanyMayd said...

Your Art is Amazing...I am so Happy I found Your Blog today, What a Touching Story, I look forward to checking your entries regularly.... Thanks for Sharing.....