Wednesday, June 27, 2007

just simply charming

I just received this box with the props for the cover art back from my book editor today, in a few weeks a cover will be created for: Artful Exchange: connect create collaborate, I can hardly wait to see what the art director come up with!

Kelly and I have just 4 more weeks to work on the remanding 10 pieces for our book. Then on July 29 we will both fly out to Cleavland Ohio for a week to film our hands :)

I am happy to say that the little swap that kept on going "Just Simply Charming" is at long last been featured in the July/August Belle Armoire congratulations to Carrie Edelmann Avery, Crystal Neubauer, Jerri Reimann and Lelainia Lloyd who's creations made with the charms from the swap have been published!
and a BIG thank you to Deryn Mentock who wrote the article for us all!
I must add that "Just Simply Charming" was my fist ever time hosting a swap and I was so lucky to have had such a amazing group of talented girls to work with!
I am so honored that they have continued on with Kelly and myself to created even more stunning creation for : An Artful Exchange: connect create collaborate!


Elaine Kerr said...

Can't wait to see your book! When it comes out I'll request the local library to buy a copy, too. Then of course everyone who borrows it will have to buy one because they won't want to give it back!

Catherine said...

Yay team!

Karen Cole said...

Just visiting for the first time. I love the charm swap!!! ....and your blog. When are you doing another swap?


kelly snelling said...

hi cutie. i'm glad those things came back. hurrah. i can't wait to see the cover. and, honey, we're going to Cincinnati, not Cleveland. please don't go to Cleveland and leave me to go it alone. everything will end up entirely funky and way BIG!

p.s. that picture of baxter is a fraud! i know what the real baxter is like and it surely is not that mild mannered little sweet-faced dog. lol!

Jennifer Conway said...

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait for the book!

Judy said...

Make sure you do autographed copies please - hehehehe.
Cleveland??? Most of my USA family live there I always make a pilgamage there every time i am in the States. Have fun and enjoy the process.

Jo Wholohan said...

Enjoy it Ruth, cant wait to see the book, I know it will be wonderful :))

Tautchia said...

Oh, Ruth! How very exciting for you to have a book coming out. Just the little trinkets for the front cover art have me salivating! LOL! I'm sure every little bit of the book will be just as lovely.