Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Birds are flyin'

I cooked more food this weekend then I have in the last 4 months combined!
but I took a little break yesterday to create my first ever banner :) I am happy how it turned out, I was going to make a departure from my own style and try something new but I gave myself a 2 hour time limit to make this so I had to stick to what I know.
This is for a bird them swap hosted by Tammie Moore and Mrs Moore her self is my partner :)

Felt and altered fibers along with hidden elements and papers along with machine quilting comprise this banner,
I really want one for myself!
I hope Tammie likes it :)
now I am off to make some jewelry for the book "A Charming Exchange"... its so hard to believe that I only 8 weeks to get 40 pieces of jewelry completed for this project! I am a dreamer at heart and a procrastinator till the end! but I always get my work done by my dead lines! so its off to work I go! :)

Weird-Bird by Shel Silverstein
Birds are flyin' south for winter.
Here's the Weird-Bird headin' north,
Wings a-flappin', beak a-chatterin',
Cold head bobbin' back 'n' forth.
He says, "It's not that I like ice
Or freezin' winds and snowy ground.
It's just sometimes it's kind of nice
To be the only bird in town."



Waltraud said...

I love your flying birds!

Jacquelines blog said...

The colours are so nice!!!! They really are gorgeous, I love the way you mix all kinds of material.

Jo Wholohan said...

LOVE it Ruth!!!! Love that tiny birdie stamp :))

kelly snelling said...

hey! you didn't tell me about this! wow! wow! how will i get anything done tomorrow when i have this banner and your fabric shrine to ooh and aww over? this is really gorgeous, ruth. i just can't get over the amazing details and time you put into your pieces for the swaps. this tammie is one lucky girl! and shel silverstein always gives me a laugh. he's just great.

Gisele said...

Such a beautiful banner Ruth,, I'm sure Tammie will be delighted to receive this!

Sharon Wisely said...

Ruth-I am LOVING everything you are doing with fabric. paper. stamps!

Patti G. said...

Ruth you sweetheart!!! I love your little bird creation! This is just your style singing through too! LOVE it! Hugs,Patti

Tammie Moore said...

Oh Ruth, I tried to not look on here so I could be surprised, but I am terrible with self control. This is amazing... I'm so glad we decided to be partners.... You rock girl, Hope you'll love what I sent you, but hey I'm gonna NOT post pictures until Saturday, hopefully that's when you shal get it. Creatively, Tammie

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Really liked the letter pieces!

Izabella said...

amazing piece! your friend is going to love it :)

Cindy said...

I love the banner !!! I have been wanting to make one for my little creative space. What inspiration.

Ro Bruhn said...

Just love this piece, like all of your work Ruth, you have such a wonderful style and way with texture and layers, love it.

Anne said...

Magnifique !! j'adore ce que vous faites !

Judy said...

Firstly , I love your banner, it's wonderful.
Secondly, I too adore that bird stamp and just used it about a week ago for something in an altered book i am doing - will send you a pic. My middle son rarely reads a book he prefers newspapers but when he was little his favourite book was a book of poems by Shel Silberstein. Out of all the books I dont know why he adore it so much. I only was reminding him the other day when i was looking through his old books and that is one we decided will stay with him always. How funny, yet again.

kecia said...

it's beautiful! you must start taking commissions.... you can start with my name! KECIA!


alex said...

This is such a beautiful and unique piece! It looks like no other banner I have seen. I really love it Ruth!!

Tia O'Connor said...

I've just discovered your blog. Lovely creations!!!

Tammie Moore said...

Ruth, the swap you sent me was soooo amazing, and the time you must of put into it, unimaginable. As I opened my package and oohhh and aahh, I totally thought "Oh my, mine can no way measure up to yours" then I read what you said and felt better. I'm glad you liked your stuff. You my dear have inspired me to take up my sewing, and take the time to do the little work, cuz oh it makes such a differance. Thanks again.. You Rock!!!

Peggy said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful