Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Port Townsend, Washington.
March 28 to April 1.

there were over 500 people at artfest but by looking at my photo's it looks like there were only about 5 !!!
If you follow this link you can see all my photo's as a slide show

This was one amazing trip, I am still soaking it all in !!!

On the second day they opened the 8x8 art gallery were all the people who attended artfest were invited to sell up to 3 8x8 pieces of there art work I was lucky and sold all 3 of my fragment pieces:

Look at what came home we me!!!

Made by: Rhonda Scott
the minute I saw it I just new it had to be mine!!!
it was made by Rhonda Scott
Who I was lucky to meet on our last day just as I was picking up this amazing piece of art ...
Her soul was just as joyous as her art! :)
(Rhonda, the piece made it home safe! Please let your Husband know that it has a home where it is truly loved and admired!)

Embedded Encaustic
This is what I did in my first class and Patricia Seggebruch was one great teacher and wonderful lady! you have to look at her art!

smooth surfaces, and transparent paints.

My second class was with Anne Bagby... all I can do is bow down to all of you who have a way with paint and line drawing... this is not my calling but Anne is one great Teacher and one Amazing artist!!!

After a little to much fun here the night before

I crawled to my last class with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan is such a doll!!! I really loved her and her class!!! she is such a warm and giving artist so willing to share her creative process! I have long admired her style but to see her art up close was amazing all the details in her art can only be fully appreciate up close.
Susan took pity on me and was so kind to hold my tired hand and help me make it through her class!!!

Heather, Holly and Me!
blog friends meet at gallery night! :)

it was really hard to process meeting people that you know so well, but only through there art... trying to place the face with there online persona was quite the challenge!!!I wish I had found a way to spend more time talking with more people...
everyone was so creative and friendly... smile's are defiantly contagious!!!

And a BIG thanks to my house mates for all your creativity the food, wine, fun , smiles and midnight giggles!!!

Ally (her blog is coming soon!)

My mind is slowly catching up to my body! but I must say I am still trying to soak in this trip! it was amazing on many different levels!



Dotee said...

Wonderful photos, and wonderful art!

It looks like Artfest was such a special place to be. And the work you did in the classes is fantastic.

Well done on selling your 3 , 8 x8's too!

tina's space said...

Thanks for sharing ruth; i am green with envy. it sounds like a total blast. well done on selling your pieces. they look fab and i am sure the new owners are dead chuffed.

Judy said...

It all sounds so amazing and can't wait till next year as that is where I am heading. Your photo's are great and I am so glad you had such a blast.

katie said...

it was great to finally meet you Ruth. like you i'm feeling like the experience is still soaking in...truely life changing for me, every time.

Jacquelines blog said...

It looked like you had a great time, nice pictures. I like the pins you made, but the encaustic art is also very beatifull. Thanks for sharing

Waltraud said...

I think you had wonderful days, Wish you happy Easter,

BJ said...

I happened on to your blog through swapbot I love to be creative and try new things You do beautiful work and it looks like a lot of fun. Maybe one of these days I can try. Bj

Patti G. said...

Welcome Home Ruth! Ohhhhhhhh looks like you had a ball and I am sure that everyone loved meeting you as well! You sold your pieces, I had no doubt and came home with a beauty from Rhonda! FUN! I am glad you loved all the classes and fun! Your pictures you shared were great and I felt like I saw into the time you had! Congrats on it all! SUPER! Hugs,Patti
P.S. My earrings are here and I LOVE THEM and their packaging!!!!!!!!!! WOW my special Ruth touches! :0)
Your necklace from trades is fanastic too! Wheeeeeee!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i wish we were all still at artfest!! your class work is beautiful..xoxo~kim

dogfaeriex5 said...

i wish we were all still at artfest!! your class work is beautiful..xoxo~kim

Holly Stinnett said...

Ruth, all the photos you took are so great! I really enjoyed going through the slide show... I wish I was still there. I feel like I am completely changed because of ArtFest and also like I left a little bit of myself up at Port Townsend. It's strange. It has been extremely difficult for me to get back in the groove of 'real life'. Sigh.

And I'm thrilled that you came home with Rhonda's piece. It's gorgeous!

Maija said...

I love all of your photos! I am so vert happy I got to meet you!

Sara said...

ruth, thank you for writing about Artfest. I enjoyed it through your description and photos!! such a wonderful work done there!!