Monday, March 19, 2007

Resin Charms for artfest trades.

My artfest charm assembly line is officially closed!

51 resin charms in all!
(+40 bird nest charms for a total of 91)

16 Faithful heats, lace red string and buttons.

11 assorted rounds with various images.

12 message in a bottle (my favorites!) with little paper scrolls and red string.

12 assorted romance star's with glitter and lace.

Its time for me to clean up the studio now and redirect!



Jo Wholohan said...

these are so fantastic ruth!!!!! LOVE the message in a bottle ones :)) Where do you get the beautiful girl image from???? im doing some resin charms at present, they are so fun :))

Laura Krasinski said...

Ruth I love your charms!!!! I have to learn how to make those sometime..

martha said...

I LOVE those resin ones (the message in the bottle is my favourite too!!!)You work too hard. Go and have a rest before ArtFest, girl!!

kristin (Kleas) said...

they are all my favorites. you amaze me Ruth!! wish i could be that productive.

Catherine said...

Hey Ruth, I finished my soldered charms and even 10 pairs of soldered earrings today too. I cleaned up and made tags and now I only have to package everything up and keep my temper before I get the heck out of here!

I love stayzon ink too and my favorite tool is my jewelry kiln and my set of pliers.

Thanks for your comment today and making me feel special!

P.S. I want one of all of your trades, but that doesn't mean you have to give them to me.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow--these charms are very cool! It's making me wish I was on top of it enough to be making/bringing trades myself! I'm lucky if I have time to gather all the supplies I'll need for my classes. ;-) See you soon!

Miss JJJ said...

Too Too Fab!
The endless creativity of Miss Ruth
just keeps on rolling. (I'm thinking I need to start preparing for NEXT years' artfest now.. . )

Bejeweled said...

Wow! Those resin charms (and the bird nest ones too) are amazing - so pretty! What a creative goddess you are!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

these are beyond cool!!!!

Anne said...

Wow ! this charms are so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them !!!

Heather said...

They're great. I counted 49 of my own charms tonight.. I made a bunch of buttons too and I might make some ephemera packs. Can't wait!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ruth! Your charms are wonderful- I must try the resin. They definately have your imagination and signature style!! They will be the hit of Art Fest- Have a BLAST!!!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

these charms are all gorgeous, your work is so wonderful and that egg is stunning! someone will be overjoyed at receiving that beauty!!
see you soon at artfest..

deb said...

Your charms are incredible. I hope we have a chance to trade.

You asked a question on my blog...yes, the little tubes are glass.

Six sleeps until Artfest! Hope to see you there.


Kel_eh said...

I fly tomorrow, I just can't wait. I am practically flying now to be honest. Hope to see you there!

Kel x

inventivesoul said...

Do you know the song- message in a bottle, sung by the Police?
I love the charm! The song plays in my head while I look at them.

Amber Dawn

Kim Carney said...

I am impressed!

alex said...

these are completely fantastic Ruth!! I wish I knew how you made them...(hint ;-)