Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fun mail day :)

Jane LaFazio posted about this felt heart that I sent her on her blog

she drew the most amazing Pitcher of my Heart, she took my art and turned it into her art! how cool it that!
She sent me this really cool fabric post card with a vinyl heart on it :) we both really love fabric and vinyl, its always so much fun to find someone who loves to play with the same materials as you! :)
I just fell in love with Jane's work in cloth paper scissors magazine that features her interview and "Ralph's Letters" quilt. It's the January/February 2007 issue.
I have been her #1 cyber stalker ever cents :)



Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, I love the new blog color and your sweet artwork turned into a fun sketch is beautiful......along with the fabric postcard you received from Jane!!!!!! Ggggggreat! Hugs, Patti

Plain Jane said...

Well, gosh! thanks for the kind words! And yea, I agree, I loved turning 'your art' into 'my art'!

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Ruth

I've only just discovered your blog. I noticed your charms as I'm in Dawn Sellers charm swap at present.
I love your work and your use of textiles, the colours are great.

Best wishes from downunder

Beate said...

Ruth, I love the new blog color - it looks so bright