Monday, December 18, 2006

I made it to the post office!

I spent the morning finishing last minute gifts and warping them.

this is a secret santa gift that I just got out today! I was a bad secret santa sister this year and very late! I stitched the present inside of the black felt, you must cut the red X's to open the package :) the girl I made this for favorte colors are red and purple :)
This is what is inside of the Heart case. Its so great to know that I got all my packages out :)



Anonymous said...

RUTH, she is gonna LOVE this!!!!! I can see all your time and love poured in!!!!! Seeing your items is always inspiring! WOW!

Jes said...

OH...but it will so be worth the wait! The wrapping alone is wonderful!

Kirsi said...

Very beautiful. :)

tejae said...

Ruth, I just noticed your Artfest 2007 count down. I'm going too! What classes are you taking? I'm taking Anahata, Linda and Opie O'brien and Nina Bagley.

Very cool Secret Santa gift!