Thursday, December 07, 2006

how fast things can change!

until today I did not know how much I love my rebel xt eos camera. I have been on a 4 day freak out cleaning fit in my studio because I had lost my charger for my camera and it was dead! now I got a lot done and I even at long last got all my fabric organized and put away in bins... then I started to play and made these ATC's

I wanted to post them but I still had not found my charger so I have to resort to the scanner now let me tell you I used to just LOVE my scanner I was a scanner pro! I took scanning to a new level! I will even admit that 80% of my jewelry website was done with the scanner, so today as I scaned the atc's, I just about had a nervous break down... I had lost the art of scanning! I missed my camera and I needed to find my charger! and on the forth day of searching in boxes and behind and under bookshelf's and crawling on the studio floor (alot of fun stuff was down there!) it was time I was going to have to go out and buy a new charger but first I decided to ask the 15 year old girl if maybe she had seen it and lo and behold she had it! I hugged her and told her that it was like my birthday and Christmas all at once! its amazing how fast we can move on :)

(all the atc's are open for trade at flickr)



Patti Gramza said...

Just beautiful always! I love them! If and when I have time and yours are still available, I will have to make an atc to trade with you!I have a purse I want to decorate up with some atcs! I think that will look neat! :0) Glad that your camera is up and running again!!!! Wheeee!

Shari Beaubien said...

That particular blue is my new favorite color, Ruth. These are really great! And your battery story just made me laugh. Hugs, Shari

Catherine said...

You crack me up. I can almost see you on the floor and that it was driving you crazy. When I lose stuff I search for it until I find it, or I know it is lost forever. I love my scanner and my camera. And I especially love your ATC's. How the layers show what is underneath. I just got some mesh and tulle so I can try it in a canvas. You have inspired me. Thanks for visiting me too!

Judy Scott said...

I love the feeling when Ive cleaned/tidied my studio I always get so much inspiration during and afterwards, Love your atcs and cant wait to receive my parcel!! Hope you like yours ~ Jude xx