Thursday, October 26, 2006

look at my beautiful new banner!

I feel so special!
all I want to do it stare at my lovely new banner !

It was created by the always wonderful Julie O'Neil, AKA tisjewel
Thank you so much Julie for transforming images of my art into magic!
its just crazy what can make a 40 year old happy!

Of course I haven't forgotten society

and this is never easy to express.
(layers of resin paper, cloth, fiber and book text on wire frame)



lia said...

oh, LOVE the new banner, I would be happy too! It's really beautiful and you are right to be excited (at any age)! yes, I'm 40, ah, 40 plus 2.
Now I am intrigued by these "simply charming" bracelets, I want to see how you do it so I will check the post. how fun!

Dotee said...

Your new banner is wonderful Ruth!! Julie has done a wonderful job. It is good to be excited. I am 4 and get more excited about things now than I did when I was younger!! Think I need to get a banner for my blog too :)

And your ATC's (as always) are amazing. Can't wait to see the one you are sending me in the flesh!

Miz Carla said...

wow that is a gorgeous banner girlie! I love all the art you are making lady--gorgeous ATCs and those earrings--oh mah gawd!!!

PS everyone wants my bracelet--I'm having to keep my eyes on it so no one steals it :D

Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, Your art here is just amazing! The atcs are bbbbbbeautiful and layered and very RUTH!!!!! And your new banner is bbbbbbbbbeautiful beyond words! Just love it!!!!!! And your earrings.......well, ooolala girlfriend!!!!! Awesome!Hugs,Patti

Anonymous said...

Ruth, Love your new is you. Lots of great new artwork. Debbie O