Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Gate of Life and Love

OK so maybe it is a door but I found this really cool book text that said gate so I just had to roll with it :) this is one big book the pages are 11x14,(if you want to view them large you can at my flickr)
I have really never done anything this big but I went with it... I worked in the book for a change. The page is all acrylic... I did use some gold stamping ink and rubbed it around the heart then embossed it which gave a very cool raised effect that I would use again. The butter fly's are also raised as well.

The Gate of Life and Love

The Gate of Life for Lovers Meeting

one day a hand touched mine-
a hand different from all the rest.
he touched me, and I loved him.

-He kisses me. always after that-
when he came- I knew him.
There was no one ever touched, and held, like he did:
none kissed like he did.
-I loved him.

Gate of Life(closed)

"my beloved"
"His loving passion"
"their heartbeats"
"depths of love"
"she whispered"
"ecstasy forever"

The Gate of Life (open)

I started looking for you , not knowing how lind that was, lovers dontfinaly meet somewhere they're in each other all along.

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Patti Gramza said...

I can see why these beautiful words lead your heart to create this touching piece Ruth! Hugs,Patti