Sunday, October 08, 2006

charm making in my studio

my saw and copper wire

jump rings wating to be sawed

I am hosting a charm swap with the most amazing group of 25 mixed media artist!
and today I started a blog where we will show case all the charms, but as the swap is now just about completed, and I wait for just one more set of charms, it was time for me to make my charms for the swap :) the light was streaming into my studio onto my jewelry work bench as I was sawing the jumprings that will connect my etch heart charms with dangling turquoise and garnets, it made me remember that I truly do love to create jewelry, and all the work and all the tiny details that only another jewelry maker could ever understand are worth it!



ramona said...

so lovely and inspiring. how did you get the text on the metal? etching? i love the idea!

Stacie said...

Beautiful Charms- I LOVE the copper! What kind of copper stock did you use & how did you cut the hearts? Is it thin enough to use a die cut machine? Thanks for the wonderful directions, this is something I most definitely want to try



Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, there is nothing you cannot do! These charms are stunning and the instructions are great! I wish I had the talents you have to keep creating these wonderful pieces! Hugs,Patti