Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bruised Love (on the mend)

ATC for trade at my flickr
this is the only one that I have for trade right now but I will be adding more soon!

he was lying, she knew.

and that hurt... really hurt,
because in her heart she knew.
(back of he was lying)

this month deco colors are lime green and purple...
Its a 4 for 4 trade and I liken it to my yoga class I always feel better after I make myself do it :)
I wanted to try to steep away from the style that I have been trapped in... I did not want to use an image of a person ... so I started with the background... I had some really cool buttons that I almost used then I decided to cut out some hearts out of felt ... but they just did not work with the grunge background that I had came up with so I cut down the middle of the felt heart to create a broken heart and then sewed up the center with yarn ... but still it needed a little more grunge ... then I remembered seeing Jackie's work on her flickr she does some truly inspiring work,her Shibori Felt and burnt felt just jumped out to me ... so I got out my little candle and lit it ... oh my its was so much fun ... then I punched the holes with my hole punch and burnt the felt from with in the holes... WOW! WOW! WOW! It was so much fun... I did have a little miss hap when the flame got to the yarn that was acrylic... but even that looked cool :) I see a lot more burnt felt coming up!
I found a few fun sites about burning fabric, ditzyprints has a chart on how diffrent fabrics burn, and then at DIY
there is a little how to.

Don't talk...
"it's over, my darling. All over"

Yes my love...
She was staring at him with glazed eyes.

There's no time to waste...
Darling, do you hear me?

My Dear...
why couldn't I find you?

How are you, Cherie? Innocent hope.
(last of the 5 part deco series)

Sour Hope (atc)

All the pieces in this series are acrylic painted background with burnt felt hearts,fibers and book text.



Shari Beaubien said...

Love the colors and the grunge! Why did they ever say, "Don't play with fire."?!?!?
Hugs, Shari

Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, you are constantly trying new and exciting things and making the rest of us wish we could be a fly on your studio wall! These are ggggggreat and I cannot wait to see them......such fun always holding your is always spectacular in person!!!!

nancynelson said...

You are on a roll girlfriend...this is very deep and disterbing at the same time...yet playfull and colors you would have never used...fabulous work..look forward to part Nancy

Anonymous said...
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Pilar said...

There is something to be said when fabric is shaped into our emotions. This is a beautiful rendition of emotion, chaos and resolve.