Friday, September 29, 2006

last of my halloween atc's

I really like the backs of things... I enjoy when the back of somthing is just as inspring as the front... maybe its because I think in jewelry teams were there is no front or back?

"night goblin" has resin covered papers sewn onto a copper frame with fibers in between the layers.

"girls love to cook" has painted paper towels and cheese cloth, transpensey, machine sewn onto felt with black tulle.

"midnight blue sky" turpentine paper, painted cheese cloth, felt and book text with transiency machine stiched.



Patti Gramza said...

These are awesome Ruth! The textures and fun stitching in your artwork is sooooo great! AND your backs are always as fun as your fronts!! Wheeeee!

Shari Beaubien said...

Woa! I love the backs, of course, but I LOVE what you did to your blog!!! Can you tell me what, exactly you did to get this look?!?! It's awesome!