Thursday, September 28, 2006

Halloween ATC's, resin papers and my messy desk :)

I have made some resin papers from a 300 year Talmud book that is falling apart, the pages had started to crumble, but once they are coated they are so wonderful! I would play with them right now but my desk ... well as you can see I don't have an inch to work on ... its so bad that I had to make the trash can table outside :) despite the mess, I did make these witch atc's for a Halloween swap.

I used envirotex lite on the papers
you can get this at dick blick

its a two part resin all you do is mix it one part to one part .
where gloves, do it out side on top of a plastic trash bag and use one of those foam brushes that you can toss out after. its take 12+ hours to dry and if you do a sheet of paper like I did you will need to coat both sides (you can do both sides at the same time) then you leave it on the trash bag for 12 hours...

it will not come off the bag until it has complete dried, so you can not cheat and try to rush it, it does make the paper some what translucent and in the case of my paper which was 100+ years old and it almost looks like stain glass. it is all so shiny... it makes the paper more like a plastic so you can use it in alot of diffrent ways... I have been sewing over it and its seams to hold up well.
Susan lenart kazmer has a article in this months summerset about resin papers that is really great!



Shari Beaubien said...

My workspace doesn't look any better, Ruth! Every day I tell myself I am going to clean and every day I find more fun things to focus on!
Your jewelry gift is just wonderful. How excited you must have been to receive it!
But if you "forgot" how to make jewelry, I'm sure you'll be a pro again after so much practice with the swap!!

knitsteel said...

Thank you! I am going to try this with some of the fan bits that I have.

Milly said...

It has recently been proven that a messy desk is a sign of an active mind. As long as other things in your life are orderly it is beneficial to have a messy desk. It shows a person interested in creating.
Well, I certainly hope so. My desk is filled with different craft projects, interests, and whatnots and is quite full now. Not worried. Just finished making two lovely Christmas gifts. I'm happy.

Mary Lindsay said...

I am so going to try this paper out as it looks fantastic and the end result sounds great - as for a messy workspace, well! How about a messy workroom. I am going to tackle this soon (I hope) and bring some tables which will be easier for me to work from and hopefully make things a little neater. Fingers crossed

reetie said...

Love this idea to preserve precious old pages, but love even more your untidy work space! I'm happy to see tha tI am in good company!