Saturday, March 29, 2008

Winged faith (#5)

This past week was spent driving around Southern California with Judy and Kristen.
Judy Arrived from Australia at 9am and wanted to hit the ground running!

fist off a stop and my favorite thrift shop where I find most of my books that I like to use in my art.

then we drove across town to this really cool shop that has salvaged vintage and antique hardware for houses... it was a mixed media girls heaven !

I stood back as Judy and Kristen happily dug into the trays of cast offs.
(fun fact about me... I really hate it when my hands get dirty!)

~While we are sleeping, angels have conversations with our souls.~

(ARI doll that Judy adorned with Hebrew text with turquoise leaves that I attached to look like wings)

there was so much laughing and so many adventurers, but I must say the best part was the time that we all played in my studio!

(coin closer
I made for the necklace)

(hand created by Judy)

Judy and I worked on the lay out of this piece together then I went to work on constructing it for her.

Kristen and I will be creating our own Necklaces with Dolls that Judy gave to us.

I am playing with the lay out for mine ...
I will try to make tiny fabric wings.

"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others"
~Vincent Van Gogh



martha brown said...

That necklace is fabulous!!!! Beautiful!!
(I'm surprised that you weren't carrying gloves along with you) because that was a great store!

knitsteel said...

I would love to go shopping at that store!
I'd probably get all sorts of junk that I don't need :)

Kelly Snelling said...

the necklace is So Special. the turquoise wings are scrumptious! but i am certainly going to kick your butt next time i see you. you mean to tell me that all those times i was down there and you had a great thrift store and salvage store nearby and you never took me there! aye, aye, aye! i'm coming down on Wednesday! mark your calendar! then we'll also have to hit the sole club and cream pan on your next trip here...

Judy Wise said...

What a stunning piece of jewelry. You all look so happy; what a magical visit. Thanks for letting us look in and see the beauty of it all. (I buy vinyl gloves by the box full at Costco for junking. I also can't stand to touch yukkiness)

Judy said...

Ruth, it was such a pleasure to get to know you and Kristen irl. You were the most amazing hostess and I thank you for all the time, care and attention you bestowed on me. I too loved the time spent together in your studio. Watching your hands twist and turn the jewelery pieces was inspiring! You are a true artisan, willing to share any technique - that was what made the time spent with you both so amazing and something i will treasure forever. and my necklace - i love it!!! Ruth, you are so modest with regard to your artistry, you really have such a presence and talent about you that is so rare. I feel very honoured to have spent so much time with you and look for to even more quality time in the very near future. xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox judy

Maija said...

Happy Birthday dear Ruth!
The necklace you made with Judy is spectacular!

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Ruth, Judy texted me and said she'd found the most amazing hardware store, I didn't realize it was that big

Jen Crossley said...

I love the picture of Judy at that Hardware store Like Ro Judy text me about this hardware shop wow what an amazing shop I bet Judy was in heaven.
Love the necklace you girls made.How wonderful for you all to meet

Karen Cole said...

OK.....I'm coming back to Calif. REALLY soon. What's the big idea of taking me to a museum and Judy to a hardware store????.....just kidding. I will have to find out where it is for my next visit.

You guys look like you had an amazing time. You still have that amazing do you all.

I can't wait to hear Judys stories when she gets to my house. I hope I can find some places that hold up to your shopping experiences.

xo Karen

Karen Cole said...


Happy belated birthday, Ruth!!!!!

Robyn said...

Beautiful necklace! Beautiful blog! I am so enjoying reading your posts and drooling over photographs. The salvage store made me miss a heartbeat. I would love to search through all that organised junk.....with gloves.

Judy Scott said...

oh wow I feel the excitement coming through the screen, what a wonderful time you had, amazing necklace Judy and those wings......... beautiful, think we all wish we had that store close by:)
Judy xx

Sandra Evertson said...

That store looks wonderful and what three Beauties!
Sandra Evertson

Elizabeth said...

The necklace is stunning- I love the clasp_ so innovative!!
that hardware store scene had me drooling!! Now A question, ho in the world did you manage to keep your hands clean when you were making jewelry full time!!!! there is absolutely no way that I could have keep my hands out of those bins!!!
Pue heaven!!

A bird in the hand said...

You are having so much fun. I wish I could join in!!
The necklace is superb.

suzi finer said...

gotta talk to you about all of that cool judaica stuff; we need to do something about it!

inventivesoul said...

Very nice pieces combined together Ruth!
Isn't the Hebrew lettering artful in and of itself?

I agree with Suzi, you should market them.
We do well with it here in NYC.
I am practicing the lettering by hand. It is not as easy as I thought that it would be. But I will keep on practicing.
I hope to get good enough to print cards and such for the holidays.
Artistic Judaica is so pleasant to view. Are you familiar with Michal Negrin, or Ayala Barr? WOW! They make some beautiful and colorful mixed media Judaica.
Keep having FUN Ruth!!! I LOVE what you do!

Your fan

Anonymous said...

in a wonderful twist of fate I got to meet Judy at Artfest :) we had a class with Susan together and it was wonderful to watch her work metal in person!!!

Jennifer Conway said...

looks like a great day. That salvage store looks fantastic! - so nice and organized. My local salvage store is a disaster...and sort of dangerous actually - with things piled high and falling over - but filled with treasures! Not so fun though if you don't like to get dirty!

***love*** the necklace!!

Loudlife said...

Gorgeous necklace! I also love the piece with the heart book, above, and the piece below with the fractured heart. (I may actually be drooling a little bit over that one...I may need to get a little drool guard for the keyboard!)

Anyway, lucky you to spend time with those gals and to live in a city with that hardware store! I'd be completely broke if I lived near it. All that possibility...

I read on Kristen's blog that your birthday is March 28 - mine, too! Happy Birthday (belatedly)!


gina armfield said...

Where is the scrap metal place?!! I need to go! Looks like you had a wonderful time and the necklace is speechless - what a treasure