Friday, May 04, 2007

a little inspiration

There is a serious tag war that has been launched and over the last few weeks in blog land and I have been hit hard! so I will respond to all 4 of my tags in one post :)

(brown and gold secret parcels with atc's on top)

first of I received 2 thinking blogers from:
Beate and Peggy
blogs take time to keep up and keeping up with blogs even more time! Thank you both for finding me worthy of your time :)

so where do I go when I have the time and my brain is frayed and I need a little inspiration?

I head on over to: My Art Soul Wings I took a class from Tammie Moore years ago and she inspired and truly changed my art... her uses of found objects and fabrics really moved me to embrace fiber in my art.

now Judith Thibauthas has a blog but its her flickr that truly inspires me just about every day!... this is the girl that single handily got me to start making ATC cards again because I wanted to trade with her!

jademond I am forever captivated by her art and use of calligraphy! to hold her work in my hands is truly inspiring beyond words! She is the head of a wonderful little art group that I am so happy to be a part of :)

now Lorraine does not post often but I just love her art! so its totally worth the wait to see what she is up to! I was in year long project with her last year and was treated to being able to view 5 page spreads created by her once a mouth and I must say I truly miss her monthly inspiration!

Now Judy is my new blog buddy I do not know who found who but I am glad we have discovered each other she has the knowledge that I seek! she is my eyes into the world of all things judaica when I have a question about my newest rare book she is my supper star hero and lets me know just what its was that I unearthed! (Judy! I so want to be you when I grow up!!!)

(Jars filled with goodies in my studio)

Now Kelly Rae (no, we are not related its her middle name and my last name) and Amber Dawn
tagged me to list 7 quirky things about myself. here it goes:

1. I am a total and complete control FREAK! but I really think this is a good thing because I only have ever one's best interests in mind! and its so never about me! :)

2. I am not friendly but I can be extremely helpful and giving.

3. I am head Strong and stubborn and very set in my ways... but have been known to listen to reason.

4. I like being 40 now that I am 41! :)

5. I listen to music when I create in my studio and I do get lost in the process, I have toyed with putting a small fridge in my studio but then my family would never see me (oh, maybe if I kept the food in my studio they would see me more?)

6. I am obsessed with my rubber medical gloves! I where them in my studio when I paint, glue or ink... ifs its a little messy the gloves go on! and when the gloves get messy I put on a new pair!!! oh yes and when I am being messy I have a old pair of overall that I put on :)

7. I believe in the laws of attraction, Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting. if you think it, dream it, believe it, it will be. This has always been a part of my life (before the secret)

8. this is a bonus quirky thing about me... if tagged I will respond to a post but I never tag back... so I am a tag ender not a tagger :)

Happy creating I hope you have fun peeking at a few of the links I just shared of some amazing blogers :)

now I am off to pack up my new crop in style xx large scarp cart with jewelry making supplies for a fun art party that I am going to be teaching at ... I will be sure to take my camera and share the fun with you all!

(ingredients for pink and red secret parcels)



Loona said...

your fabric works it´s beautiful..)

Judy said...

Surely you don't really want to be lil old me when you grow up??? Wowee thanks for the mention it was so nice of you. But I think it's the other way around - you are truly an inspiration. In any event your comments are very much appreciated.

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Ruth, thank you for you sweet comments about my art! I was surprised to see my name when your blog came up...just seemed kind of funny! :0)

I'm actually in AZ right now for a workshop and taking some time to catch up on everyone's blogs to see what's going on. Just being able to spend this quiet time alone reading blogs is such a treasure for me!

Take care!

suzi finer said...

What a nice bloggy find...thanks!

Maija said...

Thank you so much for this weekend, Ruth!
It was great to see you again and spend some time together!

Patti G. said...

Ruth your art is always a sunshine spot for me! Love your tags with the hearts!

vicci said...

Ruth...I just browsed through the new CPS magazine...your fabric charm bracelets are so cool! I love them! :-)